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            The Second Edition includes 6 new trails outside Citrus County, but just over the line. Also newly included is the Suncoast Trails which now extends into Citrus County. Everything in the book has been updated to the information available at the time, from 2017 when the first edition was printed. 


            This book showcases the little-known hiking, biking, and birding trails of Citrus County, Florida. It is specifically written for novice hikers and bicyclists and is most helpful to those who are not familiar with Citrus County or Florida’s Nature Coast. 


            It is a one-stop primer that covers the basics a novice can use to locate, learn about, and prepare for great adventures on these trails. It is the “Read This First” handbook that enables a “crawl, walk, run” approach to safely getting out in the diverse trails the area offers and managing a one-year transition to an intermediate-level hiker. Most importantly, it is a book written in plain English. A book you will read, use and keep in your car or backpack.

New! 2nd Edition - Hiking, Biking, and Birding - Treasures of the Trails

SKU: 2nd Edition Hiking
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